Nice Work?

Last year, in my travels, I came across this. A note attached to someone's computer. I don't know who wrote it.I won't say where I found it (in case they're still there). I will say that I do hope they've escaped and run far far away.

Living History

New life springs from the Roman wall on Balkerne Hill, Colchester. This section of the town's old fortifications is currently undergoing restoration. In its time it has, of course, seen many more aggressive occupants. In the eleven-week Siege of Colchester in 1648, the Parliamentarians damaged the wall in their, ultimately successful, bid to oust the … Continue reading Living History

Stuff We Made at Summer School, by #TeamOutlier.

First, there was Summer School.Then, we formed #TeamOutlier.Together we made this thematic analysis poster.Next, our band of women, armed with colored pens, moved on to draw a discourse analysis poster.On the final day, in the final hour, one #TeamOutlier member made this. We all felt it mattered, so we took this picture. Then we left … Continue reading Stuff We Made at Summer School, by #TeamOutlier.

The Dog-cation

After the morning walk, and a fish lunch at the pub, it's time for the cottage canines to head for the shade - away from the afternoon heat. How familiar these positions, how easily they've made themselves at home...

Waxing Gibbous

The moon in the trees outside the cottage at 22:57 last night. Yesterday, I discovered that the Nailsworth branch of the Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home shop is the place to be. As you'd expect, it's a charity shop. It also happens to be the most-favoured one in town (there are several) - it's full … Continue reading Waxing Gibbous


Yesterday, I left the staycation village to pay my respects. I travelled 35 miles to Dumbleton, a smaller village of around 600 inhabitants which predates the Domesday Book. More specifically, I went to visit St Peter's churchyard and the graves of Joan and Patrick Leigh Fermor - buried side-by-side. Their companionship, post-mortem, I find comforting. … Continue reading Dumbleton