The Boy


George William Manley, 1911. A photograph of my grandfather taken at Whitfield Cosser & Co., Colchester.

7 replies on “The Boy”

This is the most frightening photograph I have ever seen and will haunt me for many sleepless nights to come. Surely this gives the lie to view that dressing our offspring for Halloween is an American invention.

John, surely not? This was the height of style for a four-year old boy in 1911! Anyway, Grandad will rest easy knowing he’s unsettled at least one person today.

Yes, well, I for one am considering cancelling my subscription to Munchkin S&M Monthly if this is the kind fare you are going to offer your readership from now on. This will save me a fortune and the need to hide all those plain, brown envelopes from Sue.

My subscription remains current and my secret vice (well, until now).

Time travel is not one of my skills, but in 2019 maybe…

Happy New Year from Sue, Jane and John (currently living it up on Tesco Champagne) and watching Hootenanny!

Happy new year (2019) to you all from me, Frank and Zoe. I’m on the champagne, the dogs are on the couch. We’re watching Hootenanny until the fireworks stop (it’s a dog thing!).

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