A Thank You Letter

Dear You,

Thank you for standing and talking to me on the rocks whilst I was reading.

Thank you for taking a chance on me.

What I might easily have seen as an intrusion from another person, I had the good fortune and sense to recognize as honest friendship. My reward has been the true pleasure of your company. It’s never too much and always enough of a good thing. Your honesty, freshness and compassion have helped me immeasurably. You shook the dust from me and helped me see my world afresh.

Thank you.

Every heartfelt best wish for your next adventure.

I often do this, write letters I don’t send or show to the addressee. But I do keep them. I was raised to be polite and, where appropriate, would always say thank you for doing. I would not, though, express gratitude for being. I had a fear of exposure, of appearing weak. I’m a little better at it now. Just a little, mind. This letter was written for a woman I lost touch with years ago. Mary Wesley started the conversation which led to this friendship, though I didn’t tell her either.

By Jane

Home thoughts from a broad.

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