A Light Night

Agence Consulaire de France
Cosmopolitan #1
Panayiotis Skouloukas
Stelios Kalisperis
Stelios Kalisperis
Magdalene Kourti
Magdalene Kourti
Levels of light
Ippoton – the neighbourhood
Ippoton – the neighbourhood
Ippoton – the neighbourhood
Sunset over Mandraki
Evening in Mandraki
One day, one week in May, dodging guided tours on a walk down Ippoton in Rhodes Old Town to meet a friend for coffee, I caught sight of a flyer by the door of the Agence Consulaire de France. Advertising ‘Le Voyage de la Lumiere’, an exhibition of photo and video art inside, it was definitely my kind of thing. To be honest, I’ll use any excuse to gain access to that building (I like it so much). So, armed with this one, I resolved to return on Saturday evening and did. The three artists featured were Magdalene Kourti, Stelios Kalisperis and Panayiotis Skouloukas. I preferred their work in that order; video installations are a favourite of mine and Kourti’s was well-executed. Kalisperis’ photographs were highly evocative and (sometimes too) neatly composed. Skouloukas’ work I enjoyed on a superficial level, but I found it too contrived for my taste. The while, Ippoton remained busy with tour groups and gypsy children, the Consulate remained an oasis of calm – perfect viewing conditions in fact. Viewing completed, I walked out of the Old Town to Mandraki harbour, where I watched the sunset from the Kon-Tiki floating restaurant over a couple of Cosmopolitans. A night where the light definitely had it.

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