Worldly Things.

Another summer evening at the Agence Consulaire de France in Rhodes Old Town. (My previous visit – here) This time to view Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, an exhibition of work by Nikos Papadimitriou and Christos Tsoumplekas. I enjoyed the work of both artists, but have to say the tactile humour and empathy of Tsoumplekas’ sculptures won me over. Needless to say, I was also happy to be back at the Agence Consulaire and even happier that I was able to view alone. That done, I spent the rest of the evening sharing a bottle of KirYianni Samaropetra and dinner with friends, before heading home to take the dogs for a walk. All worldly things must pass, after all…
Ippoton - garden fountainNikos Papadimitriou Ippoton view Nikos Papadimitriou Christos TsoumplekasFullSizeRender[3]FullSizeRender[2]

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