The Missing Post Office

I have always enjoyed good correspondence. Letters and, latterly, emails can really make my day and more (so much more). Over the years I’ve kept copies of ones I sent to friends (here’s one) and family (here’s one of those) and yet others which I didn’t send (like this one written in gratitudeor this, written reflectively). I never intended to send them, whether for want of an address or conviction, or for reasons politic. I always felt better for writing all my letters, though the unsent have given me a particular pleasure.

So, it was with great delight this week that I discovered The Missing Post Office. An idea launched by the Japanese conceptual artist, Saya Kubota, in her home country, it was also offered in the UK until 22 February. A poste restante of sorts, it’s for those letters we need to write which would otherwise remain unsent – for many different reasons. So far, letters have been received addressed to people, objects and concepts. They take care of them all, ‘floating in a liminal space under our custody’.

As Saya writes: ‘We invite you to post a letter, like a message in a bottle, that will float on the sea of time. A letter to anyone, anywhere, at any time, which might one day
arrive here with us, and be washed ashore to you as the reader.’ So, without ado, if you’d like to know more…

Here’s The Missing Post Office…

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