Dear Reader,

If it is your first time here, then welcome.

If you are a previous visitor, then welcome back (and thank you for your patience).

It is ten years since I started ‘Broad Views’ and the blog has been through different iterations in that time. In the past year, I let the domain name lapse and wrote no new posts. I let life and work become excuses and hid behind them.

I did continue to write, as I have done since I was a child, daily journals. But, during the year, while I was keeping my diaries, I was also keeping quiet. Those who know me, know that this is not in my nature.

It’s time to start telling and sharing stories again. I have relaunched the blog with that in mind. There will be new posts here, as well as republished older ones. I’d welcome your comments on the site and its content.





3 responses to “Welcome”

  1. trE Avatar

    I’m just happy to say, “Welcome back!”

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    1. Jane Avatar

      Thanks again!

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      1. trE Avatar

        You’re welcome!

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