Living History

New life springs from the Roman wall on Balkerne Hill, Colchester. This section of the town's old fortifications is currently undergoing restoration. In its time it has, of course, seen many more aggressive occupants. In the eleven-week Siege of Colchester in 1648, the Parliamentarians damaged the wall in their, ultimately successful, bid to oust the … Continue reading Living History

A Spring Concert

It was a privilege, on 1 April, to attend the Spring Concert of the King's College London Symphony Orchestra at Holy Trinity Church, South Kensington, London. The musical director was Jonathan Lo, the leader, Rebecca Babbage, the assistant conductor, Igor Maia, and the guest conductor, James Ham. Debbie Barnes was the bassoon soloist. There was … Continue reading A Spring Concert

See Gee

A visit to Firstsite, Colchester to view the exhibition 'Gee Vaucher: Introspective'. From one Essex girl to another, Gee, here are some of my favourite works (with a glimpse of the Roman Berryfield Mosaic for good measure)...