True Colours

I've been away from myself too long, far too long. Not my better self, you understand, just me. And so I was coming home when I signed up for art classes in January. Every second Saturday, I left everything else behind as I walked into the studio for portrait class. I was just me. After … Continue reading True Colours

Ace of Hearts

Indicates the visit of a beloved person. A sign of change in the near future which may bring joy, reassurance and warmth. Spiritual strength is needed to face these upcoming events. On the last day of work before my Easter vacation, I went to check for mail. This was the solitary message, lying in my … Continue reading Ace of Hearts

Clocking Off

The air is milder, the days little-by-little longer, now, I feel it is but a short hop to Spring. In the morning, I leave for work as the sun comes up, and in the evening, I leave for home just as it sets. Winter is clocking off.