Magna Carta – Many Voices

What do Tony Hancock, Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela have in common? They all share their voices at the British Library Magna Carta exhibition. After all, it is a story of voices and their right to be heard. When I visited, some voices intruded; two unruly school groups and the usual suspects with audio guides. The rest instructed and reminded that, for liberty to be gained and then retained, we must remain vigilant. A highlight for me was always going to be viewing The Petition of Right, I’m an English Civil War gal. Contemporary reference to The Levellers, too, was interesting – though my interest lay not with John Lilburne (I think of his wife Elizabeth as the definition of a saint, being married to a martyr), but rather with his uncle, George. He fascinates me, but that’s another story and has no place here. In any case, I’d sincerely like to thank the British Library for reminding me of the genius of Tony Hancock, Galton and Simpson and their gift to us of Hancock’s Half Hour…

Twelve Angry Men