The Dog-cation

After the morning walk, and a fish lunch at the pub, it's time for the cottage canines to head for the shade - away from the afternoon heat. How familiar these positions, how easily they've made themselves at home...


Yesterday, I left the staycation village to pay my respects. I travelled 35 miles to Dumbleton, a smaller village of around 600 inhabitants which predates the Domesday Book. More specifically, I went to visit St Peter's churchyard and the graves of Joan and Patrick Leigh Fermor - buried side-by-side. Their companionship, post-mortem, I find comforting. … Continue reading Dumbleton

At Home

Yes, I have been outside. Not only the house, but also the grounds. Really. Always with the dogs. Of course. On one of yesterday's village walks, we visited the pub for a family Sunday lunch. I say 'the' pub, but there are several in the village. I like it here. I could easily stay longer … Continue reading At Home

Sunny Green

This is what I see when I step outside the cottage and, well, the title should be plural - greens - shouldn't it? All those shades of green telling me why I love this land of England. It's just that 'greens' puts me in mind of cabbage, so this title stays singular. So, it's day … Continue reading Sunny Green

Good morning, Nailsworth.

The Cotswolds staycation day one. This is the view from the bedroom window in the converted stable building which is 'home' for the next week. On the way here, I was reminded just how beautiful the Cotswolds are. Why I have stayed away so long is a mystery to me.