Saturday Morning in Colour

Last Saturday in our mixed media art class, it was time to work with acrylic paint and oil pastels – depicting what we could see from the windows of Studio 2 of the FirstSite gallery.

The site is Scheduled Ancient Monument land, and there are archaeological artefacts beneath the building. So, no digging was permitted in its construction; the entire structure is supported by a floating concrete raft. Perhaps this is why when others look out onto the greensward, I see air and water: whatever I paint comes back to seascapes.

In breaks, there were the cosplay fencers to watch and the Magda Archer exhibition to enjoy. And coffee, as always. This week, too, a homeless man had set up camp under one of the older trees with his supermarket trolley and bicycle – mildly entertained by the swordplay and not at all by the painting.