Tuesday Evening

Tuesday evening on the University of Essex campus, at Wivenhoe House, before going in for dinner.

In 1759, Thomas Reynolds was commissioned by Isaac Rebow to build this, now Grade II listed, property. Later, in 1816, Rebow’s descendant, Major-General Francis Slater Rebow commissioned John Constable to paint the house and grounds. That painting became part of the Widener Collection which was donated to the National Gallery of Art, USA, in 1942, where it can still be seen.

In 1964, Wivenhoe House and its surrounding land became the base for the University of Essex. The house itself has developed into a 4-star hotel and, most recently, in 2018, the home of the Edge Hotel School.

I have fond memories of the house and park from childhood. Today, even with the University’s rapid expansion, this tree-filled part of the campus still feels peaceful and is a relaxing place to sit and watch the sun go down – with or without sundowners. Cheers!