Vivian Maier

“Well, I suppose nothing is meant to last forever. We have to make room for other people. It’s a wheel. You get on, you have to go to the end. And then somebody has the same opportunity to go to the end and so on.” – Vivian Maier

I recently watched the documentary film ‘Finding Vivian Maier’; I was left stunned. The fact that we, the general public, are even aware of her existence, let alone her extraordinary body of work, is due to one man – John Maloof. His tireless quest to find and exhibit her photographs and to discover more about the person behind the camera has given us this documentary. Her eye sees people with amazing clarity and empathy – she herself is present (to enable us to look at subjects) yet absent (to enable subjects to look at us).

More information on the documentary, the woman and her rescuer can be found at this website; take a look at her, she would at you: