Blue Views

19:00 on 05-09-2017. The blue light at dusk, as seen through the windows of the Auberge de France, overlooking Ippoton (Rue des Chevaliers or Street of the Knights), Rhodes Old Town, Greece.

A Seasonal Visitor

Late summer sees the watermelon vendor set up his stall a short walk out of the Amboise Gate, Rhodes Old Town, Greece. He, and his watermelons, come from the village of Apolakkia, about 80 kilometers to the south.

Worldly Things.

Another summer evening at the Agence Consulaire de France in Rhodes Old Town. (My previous visit - here) This time to view Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, an exhibition of work by Nikos Papadimitriou and Christos Tsoumplekas. I enjoyed the work of both artists, but have to say the tactile humour and empathy of Tsoumplekas' sculptures won me over. Needless … Continue reading Worldly Things.