Taken outside the Grand Master’s Palace at the top of the Street of the Knights in Rhodes Old Town, Greece on 3 October, at midnight. I much prefer the place late at night, off season. Fewer people and less noise make for greater atmosphere.

St. George

The church of St Mary of the Castle (Our Lady of the Castle) faces up Ippoton (the Street of the Knights) in Rhodes Old Town. Now a museum, it has had an interesting past. It dates back to the eleventh century, when it was the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Rhodes. By 1322 (when it was mentioned in a Papal Bull of Pope John XXII), it had become the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St Mary. After 1522, the building was used for Islamic worship as the ‘Enderum Cami’.

I visited recently, alone in the building apart from an attendant in heated discussion with her mother on the phone. The structure has both a light and airy aspect, and an air of peace and calm (despite the best efforts of said attendant). It wasn’t my first time visiting and won’t be my last – the place appeals to me. To mark St George’s Day, I took these two photographs of the work of unattributed seventeenth century artists.

A Place Apart

At the beginning of this month, September, I holidayed in Greece.

I revisited places I already thought I knew well, yet this time was able to see them in a different light.

I stayed in two towers.

The first, the Tower Suite at the Villa Andreas, Rhodes Old Town, afforded me a a sea-captain’s eye view of that UNESCO World Heritage site.

The second, the Jasmine Room at the Emporio Hotel, Nimborios, Symi, gave me clarity.

After only two nights there, I left feeling completely refreshed.

I would have liked to stay longer, greedy with bliss.

I would have liked to keep this to myself, selfish with luxury.

But if I never left, I couldn’t go back.

And if I never shared, there’d be no joy.