Under Construction

Rhodes, Greece, 14 April 2018. A corner of the fourth century BC Temple of Apollo, as reconstructed by Italian archaeologists in the early twentieth century, shrouded in twenty-first century scaffolding.

Blue Views

19:00 on 05-09-2017. The blue light at dusk, as seen through the windows of the Auberge de France, overlooking Ippoton (Rue des Chevaliers or Street of the Knights), Rhodes Old Town, Greece.

A Seasonal Visitor

Late summer sees the watermelon vendor set up his stall a short walk out of the Amboise Gate, Rhodes Old Town, Greece. He, and his watermelons, come from the village of Apolakkia, about 80 kilometers to the south.

Scorched Earth

On 1 September, a fire started (likely by a carelessly discarded cigarette) on Monte Smith, above Rhodes town, Greece. It took hold quickly in the dry heat of late summer and, fanned by the wind, cut a swathe through the vegetation in the area. I took this photograph nine days later, the air still thick … Continue reading Scorched Earth

Light Relief

For a final Saturday-swim that day, the salty-feisty sea-dog and her fine-warm human took me to the Light House beach at Kiotari. Earlier, we'd ventured into the blue and then relaxed cheek to cheek. The freddo cappuccino, the laid-back soundtrack, the soothing shade and the cooling sea provided the ultimate chill on a hot afternoon.