A Good Start

To 2020, here in Cornwall. Champagne with my sister until 2am, then brunch of Eggs Benedict and strong black coffee at Cafe Mylor in Mylor Yacht Harbour at 11am.

Fare Well

I will be saying goodbye to the year at the end of this decade in Mylor Harbour, Cornwall. I'm here for a well-earned holiday in the fresh sea air, and to spend time with loved ones. In such beautiful surroundings, looking over the English Channel and the sweeping moorland, marked with farms and villages which … Continue reading Fare Well

Room 45

My grandfather was 106 when he died on December 15 2013. Of course, he'd been around my whole life, while I'd been around exactly half of his. As he made it that far on the clock, many told me I should not be sad: 'He had a good innings'. Indeed he did, better than the … Continue reading Room 45

Thinking ahead

On Thursday 22 August, children in England, Wales and Northern Ireland received their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) results. Usually, these examinations are taken at the age of sixteen and are used as a benchmark for the child's employability or future study potential. Usually, the national release of the results leads to heavy debate … Continue reading Thinking ahead