Working from home, on the clock. Under strict supervision.


The First Ten Days.

Of the 366 in 2020. A leap year.


Looking back, over the views which bridged the reflective new year holiday in Cornwall, before looking forward to what is yet to come.


Returning to Essex, meant returning to work – two different employers, two different jobs, on three different sites in two different towns.


I was met by new faces, old faces, all: ‘Happy 2020!’

I step (rather than leap) into a new job in the third week of this month.


I’m apprehensive and curious; it’s energising. Step forward, 2020.


Team 2018.

As this year draws to a close, I’d like to give special mention to all those I’ve worked with in 2018. To those students, lecturers, invigilators, administrators, fellow volunteers and members of the public I was privileged to meet – whether for the first time, or once again – you’ve been brilliant. You may not realise it, but you have. Really. Some of you unintentionally, but still, you’re gems. 2018 has been hard work, in so many ways, but each one of you built its story. So, here’s to Team 2019 and the next story!

An extra special mention goes out to those who reduced me to tears of laughter, some of you intentionally, including this co-invigilator...